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Derbyshire wait on ICC ruling

John Morris is waiting for word from the cricket authorities to find out whether or not his two Test star signings will be allowed to play for Derbyshire next season.

The complicated nature of the international game could deprive Derbyshire of Mahela Jayawardene and Wavell Hinds less than five weeks before the new season begins.

Sri Lanka captain Jayawardene may be ruled out of his spell in the county game if plans to revive the Asia Cup one-day competition come to fruition, while Hinds has become entangled in the row over the unofficial Twenty20 tournament, the Indian Cricket League.

Both situations have frustrated head of cricket Morris, who says that all he wants is for official decisions to be taken so that, if necessary, he can make other arrangements.

"We don't know whether Mahela or Wavell will be able to play for us next season and it's all completely out of our hands," he said.

"Recent developments have thrown everything up in the air and we just hope decisions are made quickly so we can act accordingly."

Derbyshire have already been forced into one revision of Jayawardene's time with them when the Indian Premier League, the ICC-sanctioned event, put back its dates, ruling the Sri Lanka batsman out until late May.

Chris Rogers was signed to cover games before Jayawardene arrives and after he was due to leave for a Test series against India in mid-July but if the Asia Cup goes ahead in Pakistan from June 25 to July 6, it may not be worth him coming at all.

If he does not, Morris would seek a new signing for the Twenty20 Cup for three weeks in June so that Australian batsman Rogers could have the mid-season break that was a condition of his agreeing to join Derbyshire.

However, the unstable political situation in Pakistan must still make it doubtful the Asia Cup will go ahead.

The England and Wales Cricket Board have promised a directive on their position in the ICL row early this week.

The ECB, under pressure from the Indian Board of Control, are threatening to block the registration of players who take part in the ICL. That includes West Indian batsman Hinds, who has signed for Derbyshire on a Kolpak deal, and affects all but three of the 18 first-class counties.

Players have been attracted by the big money on offer to play in the IPL and the ICL but the Indian Board are seeking to crush the rebel league to showcase their own event.

It remains to be seen if the ECB have the legal power to impose sanctions on players who, in some cases, signed for the ICL months ago and the counties are likely to strongly resist any such draconian measures.

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