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A new social networking site is meant to operate a bit like MySpace or Facebook, but it will also encouarge women to "unleash their inner model" and post nude pictures of themselves., which currently only accepts invited members for its beta test, plans to avoid advertising and exist on $10 monthly subscriptions from members.

The site says that it wants "sexy, not sex" and will judge the tastefulness of photos, which can't include what it calls "explicit nudity" or sex acts.

Every member gets five votes a month that can be given to favorite models or photographers. Each vote is worth 80 cents, to be split between the photographer and the model. People can also buy extra votes.

The site says it is different because it lets users interact with their favorite models and photographers.

For those who want to show their stuff but who lack experience, the site will offer tips on makeup, setting up a shoot and other aspects of getting things looking their best.

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