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This was obviously payback time for Pederson," Matos McGreevey had written in an email she sent to

This is just another wild twist in the world of politics. From a nasty divorce to her former husband coming out and openly stating that he was gay and now this, Ted Pederson saying that McGreevey was hypocritical for criticizing Eliot Spitzer when, according to Peterson, he, Dina Matos McGreevey, her husband had sexual intercourse together, according to ABC.

If Dina Mato McGreevey did not know about her husband being gay, this would cause him to be hypocritical in this error and also if they have done what the allegations say that they have done, then this would not make them any different from Elliot Spitzer. Spitzer may have been caught for his scandal in a prostitution ring and may have paid for sexual favors but this would make McGreevey and his wife just as guilty, the only difference being that they may not have paid for sexual favors.

As far as it affecting the way that I vote, I can honestly say that a person's sexual preference or private matters does not affect the way that I vote. President Clinton was another one who had a few mishaps when the news release came out about his affair and this still did not play a role in the way that I had felt about him as a president.

Humans make mistakes and even though there are those who get caught and those who do not, this should only go to teach them that if they are going to do something this extreme with their life, they either need to be more careful or not do it at all. I am not saying that it was OK for McGreevey or Spitzer to have done the things that they did, but in any case, they should have kept it a private matte instead of letting it get out. On the other hand, it's hard to not let something like this get out when you are in the public's eye at all hours of the day. This should have been something that they both thought about before proceeding in the events that took place.

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