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England players could face Ashes ban

ECB chairman Giles Clarke has fired a warning to any England player considering an offer from the IPL.

Clarke was reacting to reports that Kevin Pietersen was keen to join the Indian Premier League and was unhappy at being denied the chance due to central contracts.

Clarke commented: "The England team is the critical part of the economics of our game and having the best players available is critical to that.

"The reason we have England central contracts is to enable the head coach to determine how much cricket those who were centrally contracted played.

"That was the original basis of it, and I've not seen any evidence or heard any requests to change that.

"What about player burnout? Perhaps it's not the worry that some thought it was.

"I couldn't see anyone centrally contracted playing. I can't see Peter Moores determining that he wishes to release him.

"The risks are very significant. We're about to play Australia. If Peter Moores released a player and he got injured, what would the reaction be?

"Spectators want to know that our players are as fit and sharp and ready for the Ashes series as we can ensure they are."

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