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Solanki questions ICL restrictions

Vikram Solanki believes sanctions preventing cricketers from playing in either the Indian Premier League or rebel Indian Cricket League constitutes "a restraint of trade".

The England one-day player and Worcestershire skipper believes the Professional Cricketers' Association should demand clarification as to why governing bodies are blocking players from taking part in the IPL or ICL.

Solanki has already played in the ICL during the winter and believes the "face of cricket could change totally" as players find it hard to resist taking the huge sums of money that are up for grabs in the two Twenty20 competitions.

He told PA Sport: "Sport in general is a short career for most people and you must take opportunities to maximise your earning potential.

"I haven't spoken to anyone in the England camp recently but I can see no reason why they wouldn't be tempted by the sums of money that are being offered.

"We are at an interesting juncture as far as world cricket is concerned with the emergence of the ICL and the IPL and the various positions the boards and bodies are going to take on it.

"It remains to be seen what happens but in the next year or so, the face of cricket could change totally. People will find it hard to resist the money and that might be the big point that makes the changes to the traditional formats and seasons that we've grown accustomed to."

Solanki added: "Who knows what is going to happen but it would be good to get some clarity on everything like sanctions and the reasoning behind sanctions which is a big thing.

"It is unreasonable to place sanctions, restrictions, rules without giving good reason.

"I am baffled by the reasoning offered sometimes for some of the sanctions and us as a group of players and the PCA should demand some clarity on the matter definitely. I am no expert on legal matters but it seems like restraint of trade."

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