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IPL draw up Champions League plans

After the successful start to the Indian Premier League last night in Bangalore BCCI officials have started to draw up plans for the Twenty20 Champions league.

Cricket portal has been told the league, which some cricket administrators believed was a red herring to stop teams signing up ICL rebels, will take place after the Champions Trophy at the end of September.

It is understood the ECB have been offered the chance to host the event with the Final ideally taking place at Lords but falling temperatures and shorter days in early Autumn mean a back up venue in India as been selected if a deal falls through.

A window of 10 days is available between the end of the Champions Trophy and the start of Australia's tour of India which gets under way on Thursday, October 9th.

An unnamed cricket official told "Informally, a lot of discussions and decisions have happened on the Champions League. Everyone wants to be on board and the level of interest has been very high. There was a joint call on how many countries need to participate, the window that is available at that point of time and so on."

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