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IPL Cricket is a television hit for Sony

The Television Viewership Ratings of the first week of IPL Cricket League are in, and MAX is well on its way to breaking all cricketing viewership records.

MAX achieved a massive share of television viewership as it moved from No. 4 to No. 1 spot across genres when the IPL Cricket matches were held over 18 and 19 April.

MAX's positioning of IPL Cricket as Manoranjan Ka Baap and its promise of changing the television entertainment landscape seem to be spot on - as is evident from the number of eyeballs the first two days have grabbed.

According to Television Audience Measurement (TAM), an audience measurement firm that tracks TV viewership, a staggering 20 million people watched the IPL Cricket matches on MAX. MAX's Prime Time channel share of 29.3% across the 3 HSM Metros is way higher that the top 9 GE Channels put together (25.5%).

MAX achieved an average rating of 6.27 for the first 3 matches of IPL Cricket League across 6 cities - the opening game between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore got a mind boggling rating of 8.21.

Equally heartening are the female viewership details. The opening game got a phenomenal rating of 6.7 amongst women in the 6 Metros. This completely dwarfs the 3.7 TVR on ESPN for India's first game against Pakistan in the ICC T20 World Cup. Also the time spent by women on MAX during Prime Time on the first two days of the IPL Cricket League suggests a complete annihilation of GE Channels.

On an average, women spent 23 minutes on MAX – way more than they spent on Star Plus (9 minutes) and Zee TV (6 minutes).

MAX senior vice president and business head Sneha Rajani said, "It would only be fair to say that we are indeed very pleased with the superb opening… MAX has positioned the IPL Cricket League broadcast as the definitive and ultimate entertainment destination and we are looking forward to achieving even higher milestones.

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