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Warne coaxed back to Jaipur

It was the threat of losing future earnings in the Indian Premier League (IPL) that made Australia's contingent from the Rajasthan Royals franchise stay on in Jaipur despite their fears following Tuesday's deadly terrorist attack.

Shane Warne, Shane Watson and Victorian-based team manager Darren Berry, as well as South African Graeme Smith, were reportedly told on Friday that if they left the country a step they seriously contemplated - they may not receive further offers to play in the lucrative Twenty20 tournament, reported the Sydney Morning Herald.

All four were taking a break in Goa at the time the bombs were detonated near the team hotel in Jaipur.

Berry had told the Herald on Thursday that they were considering flying out of the country. The father of three, who had been in contact with his concerned wife in Melbourne, had confirmed then that a decision would be made after meeting team owners.

There is now speculation the four men were pressured at the meeting to return or suffer the financial consequences.

The four were reportedly reminded about their contract to play the full season and the danger of not being considered for subsequent IPL seasons if they pull out now.

IPL chief executive Sunder Raman took exception to Berry's reported remarks in the media on the Jaipur situation and said: "Berry is talking through his hat. He has no idea what India is all about."

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