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IPL to take a call on salary cap

The IPL governing council is feeling the heat from the franchises.

With some of the richer and more flamboyant owners seeking to replenish their teams with classy players, there is every likelihood that the $5 million cap on players' salary might be lifted.

There is a catch though. According to the initial laws, the cap was supposed to be in place for the first three years. The basic purpose behind that was to keep a level-playing field and to ensure that the salaries did not zoom out of control.

"We have a couple of franchises who don't want the cap. But that is a call which can be taken only after the governing council meeting," a top IPL official told TOI . "If the cap is removed, we will have to sort out a couple of issues. As of now, both have advantages and disadvantages. We just want to make sure that we strike a right balance," he added.

The officials main concern is that some of the big players will make too much money if the cap is removed. "There is going to be mayhem to get the big players. The middle level cricketers, on the other hand, might not be so much in demand. This might lead to a huge disparity in incomes which is not very good," the official said.

"The current contracts are for three years. A franchisee has the right to buy any contract out for the remaining two years at the signed price," he pointed out.

The big question in that case is: would this money be counted if the $5 million cap is not removed? Or will that be seen as an additional expenditure? It will not be treated as part of the $5 million," another official asserted.

Sources said the franchises and the IPL governing council will have a series of meetings to sort out the matter after the IPL gets over in June. "By next year, the event will be managed centrally," an IPL official said.

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