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Modi eyes IPL twice a year from 2011

Come 2011 and Lalit Modi, the mastermind behind the Indian Premier League, would like to see Twenty20 extravaganza taking place twice a year.

While the ongoing inaugural edition of the slam-bang tournament has already proved to be an immense hit, Modi, the IPL Commissioner and Chairman, is in no mood to pause and bask in the glory. Instead, he is thinking of taking it even further.

The cricket administrator spelled out his future plans for IPL, which included having two IPL tournaments in the same year.

"I think the IPL, we will like to keep it as two seasons. A single season for the first three years, we would like to move it to two seasons and we have another season in September," said Modi.

Talking about his brainchild, Modi admitted there was an obvious American touch to the entire event.

"It is, to a certain extent. We added a lot of music to the games. I think it provides entertainment for the crowds and between breaks. People are able to lap it up and enjoy it - it's an evening out. A Bollywood movie is three hours. This is a three hour function. A lot of good food and catering and popcorn and ice cream for the kids," he said.

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