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Flintoff doesnt rule out IPL stint

Andrew Flintoff refuses to rule out future participation in the Indian Premier League, even if he admits his decision will continue to be guided by the English Cricket Board.

Flintoff and his fellow centrally contracted England players have been prevented from taking part in the inaugural Twenty20 competition.

However, negotiations to allow them to join their international counterparts in future tournaments are progressing following discontent from a number of high profile players, most vocally Kevin Pietersen.

“It’s something that you can’t rule out but it’s not on my radar at the moment,” Flintoff told Setanta Sports News.

“On my radar at the minute is getting on the cricket field, I want to play in Twenty20 over here and I want to play for England again.

“It is something that’s spoken about. There’s all sorts going on – mention of English Premier League, Indian Premier Leagues. I think we’ll be guided by the ECB.”

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