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Twenty20 cash boost for Derbyshire

The Twenty20 Cup has been a big hit for Derbyshire despite their inability to make it beyond the group stages of the competition.

In a campaign that has given them their record attendance figure for a game in this competition, the county club has taken more money through the gate in ticket sales this season than in the previous two seasons put together.

Even though the fact that there were five Twenty20 home matches in 2008 and only four in 2006 and 2007 has to be taken into account, it is still an impressive return and comes at a time when some counties have reported a drop in attendance figures this season.

Derbyshire took gate receipts, after VAT has been deducted, of 106,000 this season. That follows receipts of 45,000 in a badly rain-hit 2007 and 59,000 in 2006.

Their total gate revenue for the whole season so far is 135,000 and it seems certain, with five Championship and four Pro40 League home games to come, plus a one-day international match between England Lions and South Africa on August 16, they will exceed the total gate income of 150,000 they hoped for when the budget was set.

Their attendance of 4,628 for the game against Nottinghamshire on June 20 was a new highest and there was the further success of the match against Yorkshire, which was played at Chesterfield and attracted 4,128.

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