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Kiran More lays out future ICL plans

The world has been watching Indian Cricket League (ICL) and appreciating the efforts put in by the administrators.

And Super Sunday match mirrors ICL’s growing popularity across the country, in Ahmedabad especially, remarked tournament director Kiran More.

“Sunday’s match, which had almost a capacity crowd, reflects the growing popularity of ICL. Quality cricket is on offer,” the former chief selector said. Around 30,000 fans witnessed the thrilling Ahmedabad Rockets versus Lahore Badshahs encounter on Sunday.

Meanwhile, praising the Sardar Patel Stadium pitch, the former India wicketkeeper said the good work has paid off.

“There is good bounce and carry. Players are enjoying playing on this virgin track. Wicketkeepers are gathering the ball almost at chest height,” he said. “Not only the pitch, the support from crowd, too, has been exceptional,” More added.

According to More, the ICL has already spent Rs 6 crore and will be shelling out more in the coming weeks. “By the next tournament we will have good dressing rooms, press box and bucket seats,” he said.

More, however, dismissed the notion that absence of an IPL team in Ahmedabad was the main reason behind ICL becoming popular in Gujarat’s metro city. “Gujarat is producing cricketers but it lacked cricket action. And we want to fill that space,” excited More said.

The Baroda-based administrator was disappointed by the fact that ICL has to slog hard to get the grounds. “I don’t understand why people are scared of providing us the grounds. We are here to provide an opportunity to young cricketers,” he said.

The former BCCI chief selector reiterated that ICL players should also get the chance to be part of Indian team. “There are many players who deserved a national call,” he said. He added that the non-ICL administrators were calling them regularly to get information about particular players.

When asked about the players’ dilemma, he said, “Players do enquire about the status (of ICL and BCCI) but they are happy playing here. If the local associations had given them good facilities (good trainers and physios) by now a few have had been in the Indian team,” he said.

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