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Royals captain Warne not to travel to India

Former Aussie leg-spinner and captain of Rajasthan Royals Shane Warne has ruled out flying to India to participate in the Champions League Twenty20 tournament In Mumbai in the aftermath of the terror attacks.

"I'm shocked. Chuck (Berry) and I got off the plane and saw the news on TV. It's unbelievable. The place is chaos," Waren was quoted as saying in The Herald Sun.

"We were heading to Mumbai and that's the hotel we are staying at. I don't think we will be going (to India) now. Why would you? It is just not worth the risk. No amount of money is worth the risk with what is going on over there at the moment," he added.

"At this stage I am going to stay where I am for the rest of the day, but I reckon we are certainties to be on a flight heading home later today," Warne told.

Warne was supposed to captain the Rajasthan Royals, who were due to kick off their Champions League assignment with a match against the Dolphins at Bangalore on December 3.

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