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IPL trading window opens on Monday

The stage is set for some big-ticket churns in the composition of Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket teams.

Under a new set of guidelines on player transfers announced on Thursday, each IPL franchise can purchase a maximum of four players through a trading window, which will remain open for a month from Monday, December 22.

All those players who participated in the highly successful inaugural tournament are eligible to change sides through the trading window, Lalit Modi, chairman and commissioner of IPL, said. There will be no limit on the number of players that a franchise can sell and a cap on the fees payable to players is also absent.

Prior to any trading discussions between franchises, the player’s consent must be obtained, IPL said. If more than one franchise is interested in buying a player, the seller should negotiate with all the interested teams, although the selling franchise will have the discretion as to which offer to accept.

“I am certain that the trading window, which is set to open on Monday, will see some active trading. This will result in significantly improving the competitiveness of the franchises, making for an even more exhilarating and action-packed season for IPL fans in 2009,” Mr Modi said.

IPL has also laid down guidelines for the second player auction that will take place on February 6, 2009. This auction will be open for players who did not participate in the first season. Each franchise can spend a up to $2 million in the auction. As was the case with the first auction, all overseas players require a no-objection certificate from their respective cricket boards to play in the league.

Outside the auction process, each franchise will have the option to purchase any number of uncapped new overseas players by a direct agreement, although subject to squad composition rules. An uncapped overseas player is one who has never played international cricket and does not have a contract with his national association.

From the second season, temporary replacements will not be allowed unless the replacement is required for a player who is unavailable for the entire IPL season.

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