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IPL Drug Tribunal imposes penalty on Asif

The IPL Drug Tribunal on Wednesday announced its verdict - finding Mohammad Asif guilty of violating the Anti-Doping code.

The tribunal is chaired by leading legal expert Shirish Gupte and comprising eminent panelists like Dr. Ravi Bapat (ex Vice Chancellor of MUHS) and renowned legendary cricketer Sunil Gavaskar.

The IPL drug tribunal while announcing the verdict on behalf of the Indian Premier League also imposed a one year penalty to the cricketer. The year's ineligibility for Mohammad Asif will be from September 22nd 2008, as that was the date when the Indian Premier League had imposed the suspension order, post which the cricketer has not been allowed to play any match.

Mohammad Asif was found guilty by the IPL Drug Tribunal in as much as a prohibited substance namely Nandrolone was found in the urine sample extracted from the player during the support period and the match played on May 30th 2008 between the Delhi Daredevils and the Rajasthan Royals at Mumbai.

The DLF Indian Premier League is one of the premier T20 Cricketing Leagues in the world and has a zero tolerance policy towards doping in cricket.

The IPL also strictly adheres to the ICC's Player Code of Conduct in letter and in spirit and is keen to promote clean and fair competition in cricket. The IPL's philosophy behind adopting the Anti-Doping Code is to preserve the dignity.

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