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American League sign Aussie recruits

The Indian Cricket League's Australian recruits Jason Gillispie and Damien Martyn are all set for a stint with yet another unauthorised Twenty20 event, having signed up with the American Premier League to be held in New York.

According to a report in 'The Age', Gillespie and Martyn have signed with the tournament, scheduled for October, promoted by entrepreneur Jay Mir, the president and chief executive of the American Sports and Entertainment Group.

If things go as planned, Gillespie will represent a Premium World team captained by Martyn, with other players from Australia, New Zealand, England and South Africa in the six-team competition.

"It's not competing with anyone, it's about cricket having some recognition in America, which is great for our sport," said Gillespie, who played for Ahmedabad team in IPL.

Cricket Australia warned players against joining the new American league as it was unauthorised cricket. "We would not be able to release our players to take part in it and any player who wanted to be a Cricket Australia contracted player would not be able to participate," a CA spokesman said. But Gillespie said he was not concerned about the CA or ICC's objections.

"For me, I'm effectively banned anyway from playing any first-class cricket so it (the opposition of the International Cricket Council) doesn't affect me in any way," Gillespie said.

"As an Australian who is coming towards the end of his career, I just think it's an exciting opportunity to spread the word in America and have a new experience," he added. Gillespie said he would have no trouble getting ICL's nod to compete in America so long as the schedules didn't clash.

"The ICL has very been very forward in saying, 'We don't have a problem with our players playing in other competitions, like County cricket or playing for their country, (and) if they choose to ban our players we can't do much about it'," he said.

"The first tournament is in October and if it happens that an ICL tournament goes ahead then of course I will play in ICL," he added.

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