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Botham slams Twenty20 cricket

England legend Sir Ian Botham has attacked the greed of cricket's governing bodies who are 'bastardising the game' by playing too much Twenty20 cricket.

In a interview with The Wisden Cricketer magazine Botham questioned the need to play back to back Twenty20 World Cup's in less then twelve months claiming the only reason for their scheduling was greed.

"They are playing too much Twenty20 right now. We have just had a Twenty20 World Cup and within a year we're going to have another in the Caribbean. It is greed, greed, greed. That is what will kill the game, the greed of the authorities," said Botham.

Botham continued his attack saying he saw no place on the international calendar for Twenty20 cricket as he didn't want to see the best players in the world just standing at the crease trying to slog every ball out of the ground for six.

"Twenty20 has its place but not on the international stage. It is a domestic and franchise sport. I don't want to see the best players in the world standing there and slogging. Twenty 20 is bastardising the game," said Botham.

Despite the world wide success of Twenty20 cricket the England legend was adamant cricket's greed would eventually kill the game.

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