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Rajasthan coach wanted Gul to play for Royals

Rajasthan Royals coach Darren Berry has publicly blasted the IPL authorities over the way they humiliated the Pakistan players during last weeks player auction.

Berry felt that "politics and foreign affairs got in the way of cricket decisions" after revealing that Pakistan's Umar Akmal was the number one name on the Royals auction shopping list.

"I do not have all the information - and possibly never will as this was a very delicate issue played out behind the scenes. However, I do know - due to my coaching role with the Rajasthan Royals - that a few weeks ago Umar Akmal was No 1 priority on the Royals' shopping list," Berry wrote in The Age.

"All of a sudden he was not available. As the auction unfolded live on TV in India, it became evident that it wasn't just Umar Akmal who was in the no-go zone, but all of the Pakistan players" he added.

"I am staggered at the recent treatment of the Pakistan players. I agree with Shahid Afridi that he and his countrymen were humiliated in the IPL auction in Mumbai last week."

"Sadly, politics and foreign affairs got in the way of cricket decisions and the game itself, along with the Pakistan players, suffered as a consequence"

"The question is: why were they allowed to stay in the auction if no one was going to bid for them? Something far more sinister was bubbling behind the scenes and, sadly, the players themselves knew nothing about it. Sadly, two very proud cricketing nations are once again at loggerheads," he said.

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