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English Counties set to lose Twenty20 millions

A fall scale war between the ECB and Lalit Modi seems certain after the IPL commissioner announced the dates for this years Twenty20 Champions League.

The event will take place between September 10th and September 26th, the dates clash with the end of the four day Championship in England and the ECB have told the 18 Counties they will not be given permission to take part if they qualify for the event.

David Collier, the chief executive of the ECB reminded the counties each player would need a no-objection certificate from board and they will not be forthcoming as the ECB don't want any side fielding a weakened team in the Championship.

This latest battle between the ECB and Modi is part of the ongoing power struggle in world cricket. Its a fight Modi is wining with the ECB already in a weak bargaining position having failed in the past to set up its own Champions League.

The failure of that coup in the summer of 2008 left the ECB in the cold as the BCCI, Cricket Australia and Cricket South Africa joined forces to start the Champions League with Modi calling the shots.

The battle lines have been drawn and the only winner will be Modi who's stranglehold on world cricket will tighten. In a game of high powered brinkmanship somebody will have to back down in order to see England's top two Twenty20 teams take part in the Champions League and it won't be Modi.

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