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Modi gives ECB a week to sort out scheduling

IPL commissioner Lalit Modi is refusing to change his stance over the fixture controversy that as engulfed the Twenty20 Champions League since the dates were announced this week.

The start of the Champions League clashed with the end of this years County Championship and the England and Wales Cricket Board have pleaded with the Champions League board to rethink the dates.

Modi is un-moved and has given the ECB just one week to sort out the County scheduling in order to allow the English teams the opportunity to take part in the Champions League.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph Modi said it was the best he could do. "We need to know (ECB's decision) in the next week or so. If they don't come we will invite somebody else".

"The idea is they come and I hope it doesn't get to that eventuality. I understand counties can't go around the ECB's back and we will not invite anybody without their board's permission" he added.

"We have given them the opportunity to change it (the county season) and there is nothing more we can do".

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