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Pakistan players will take part in 2011 IPL

IPL commissioner Lalit Modi has announced that Pakistan’s cricketers will be allowed to take part in next years IPL after being snubbed during January’s player auction.

Modi opened the door to negotiations with the Pakistan Cricket Board but warned they would have to adopt a positive mindset in order to allow it’s players to take part.

Last months auction created a media storm with the PCB taking their complaints to the Pakistan Government and the International Cricket Council.

“We have always welcomed Pakistan cricketers in India and they will be part of IPL season four” Modi told reporters from the Geo News Channel.

“The Pakistan Cricket Board also needs to adopt a positive mindset towards the IPL as we have always welcomed Pakistan cricketers to India” he added.

After the player auction a number of Pakistan players voiced their anger with Abdul Razzaq saying the IPL were trying to hurt Pakistan cricket.

"They have basically tried to hurt our cricket and image and this is most disappointing because I believe there should be no politics in sports" said Razzaq. "In the end it is the IPL which has lost out because the fact is our players have star value and are the best in T20 cricket," he added.

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