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MCC confirm interest in bidding for IPL team

The MCC have confirmed reports claiming they have been looking at the possibilities of joining a consortium interested in buying one of two new Indian Premier League franchises.

MCC chief executive Keith Bradshaw and club trustee Anthony Wreford spent the weekend in India holding talks with a group of investors who are interested in owning an IPL franchise.

The MCC are the guardians of the laws and spirit of cricket and the move to own an IPL franchise would be a radical change of direction for its members.

“MCC has a proud history, is respectful of the game's traditions and always mindful of its role as guardian of the laws and spirit of cricket," said Bradshaw.

"We would not pursue a path that we believed was contrary to the best interests of the sport or to the future health of Test match cricket” he added.

"Undeniably, the game is changing. MCC, as an innovative, independent cricket club, wants to be at the heart of that change.”

"The concept of MCC involvement in the IPL is something I believe is worthy of thorough investigation, and something that we'll take to our committee for their deliberation."

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