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IPL terror fears ease after secret talks

The world’s top cricketers are expected to take part in this years Indian Premier League after an Indian government official held secret talks with the Australian contracted IPL players in New Zealand.

The 20 minute meeting was held in Christchurch on Friday evening and the Aussie cricketers were joined by ECB security chief Reg Dickason and the Australian Cricketers Association chief executive Paul Marsh via a conference call.

The recent terrorist threats made by 313 bridge were discussed and the players were told the threat from the al Qaeda linked group was considered not credible.

The players were also told that the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade had not changed their travel advice for Aussies travelling in India for over a year.

"The travel advisory for India hasn't changed in 12 months," Cricket Australia general manager Michael Brown said after the meeting. "The purpose today was just to give the players as much information as possible. DFAT said they would be happy to give the players a personal briefing."

"The reality is you've got to make your decisions based on the best information. The advice simply from the government is that the travel advisory for India hasn't changed."

"It doesn't mean it can't change between now and the start of the tournament. No decisions were made today. It was purely an information session. We want people to make informed decisions."

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