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Modi hits out at media over Bopara reports

IPL commissioner Lalit Modi has rubbished media reports which have said English cricketer Ravi Bopara had decided not to travel to India because of the security risk ahead of next months IPL.

Bopara was due to fly out to India on Sunday to join up with his team mates from the Kings XI Punjab but pulled out at the last minute saying he wasn’t sure if it was worth taking the risk.

Modi speaking via twitter said "Another fictional story on Bopara by the media. I guess they have run out of stories. They should concentrate on world cup hockey instead."

"Just spoke to Ravi Bopara - he is looking forward to coming to India. All the news about him not coming and comments are completely false" he added.

Modi was commenting about media reports in India which said Bopara had decided not to play in this year Indian Premier League which starts in two weeks.

"Cricket is my living and in many way my life. But it is not worth dying for" Bopara told the Mail on Sunday.

"This is a very tricky call. I have been in touch with the franchise and they are pretty positive that things will be OK. But Reg Dickason's report says something different."

"At the moment I'm nowhere with this decision. I've had some contact with other players. No one has said they are definitely not going, but no one has said they definitely are either" he added.

"I have pushed back my flight so I can give myself a bit more time to see what happens and whether the security measures are implemented" he said.

"The franchise will want an answer in the next few days, but I will not come to a hasty decision just because I have to. I need to weigh everything up and if I could buy myself even more time I would" added Bopara.

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