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Nannes happy to play in the IPL

Australian fast bowler Dirk Nannes will arrive in India tomorrow to join up with his Delhi Daredevils saying he feels totally safe India despite the security fears raised by some players.

"I have always felt pretty good in India. Security can be a bit of perception. If you feel safe, then you probably are safe. But the reality may be completely different" Nannes told the 'The Herald Sun'.

Once the Australian Cricketers' Association safety concerns had been addressed he was happy to travel to India.

"I wasn't comfortable in coming to a decision myself, but, luckily, the Australian Cricketers' Association has done a lot of investigating and has been pushing to make it a lot safer for us" he said.

"They think if things keep progressing the way they are, then things will be fine from next week and the start of the tournament" he added.

The Ipl will be the first event Nannes has played in since retering from first-class cricket at the start of this year.

"My body simply cannot handle playing first-class cricket. What should I do, beat myself around playing Shield cricket and maybe having another two years? Or be available for the next five years of IPL cricket?"

"It's a no-brainer. The most I have played in a year is eight games of Shield cricket, last summer. The next best is about five" he said

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