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IPL 3.0 will be the best yet claims Modi

With the opening night of the Indian Premier League only a few days away IPL commissioner Lalit Modi expects this years tournament to be the best one yet.

The IPL is continuing its high standards with another stunning opening show featuring musical starts including Deepika Padukone, UB40, Lionel Ritchie, and Abba Revival.

"The preparations are in full swing and there are no hiccups. We all are ready to go. We have planned a very good opening night as well as opening ceremony with a spectacular laser and fireworks show" Modi said.

Away from the opening night preparations Modi was unconcerned about the Indian media boycott which is still planed to go ahead despite the National Broadcasters’ Association agreeing to new terms with the IPL

"National Broadcasters’ Association’s is a strange case. The IPL Governing Council and their representatives had a meeting two nights ago and we had agreed to allow certain amount of flexibility in their programming and amount of video footage that can be shown" said Modi.

"They agreed then but last night came back to say they needed more concessions, which the Governing Council cannot agree. The boycott continues though I would like them to cover the event but not on the new terms".

"People can see IPL action on Sony and YouTube" he added.

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