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Tendulkar unhappy with fresh player auction

Mumbai Indians skipper Sachin Tendulkar has admitted he is unhappy about seeing his team dismantled ahead of next months player auction for the 2011 Indian Premier League.

Having played their final group game in the Twenty20 Champions League the Indians squad will now be broken up with the exception of Tendulkar, Kieron Pollard and Harbhajan Singh who are all expected to be retained.

Under league rules the Indians can retain up to four players before releasing the rest of the squad who would take part in the player auction.

"I don't know, it's not my job to figure what's right or wrong but I feel if a player is happy to play for a particular team, it's good he stays with that team," said Tendulkar.

"There's some sort of identity with that team. We have a huge following now and it's also an attachment with a particular team," he added.

"That part is quite difficult, we have really worked hard to build this team and have got together brilliantly. In the third year we held a couple of camps, which had nothing to do with cricket, it was just to know each other well."

"We just got together, played table tennis, swimming and other sports. It was just about getting together and building team spirit."

"Right from the management and the owners, Mr and Mrs Ambani, they have all put in a lot of effort along with the players and then you realize that the team has to change. It's tough to accept that," he added.

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