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Modi hits back at BCCI during interview

Former Indian Premier League commissioner Lalit Modi has broke his silence claiming he is the victim of a "witch hunt" during his first major interview since his sacking in September.

Modi, the driving force behind the successful launch of the IPL in 2008 spoke to former BBC Sports Editor Mihir Bose during an interview which was broadcast on YouTube on Thursday night.

The former commissioner denied the allegations that he had attempted to rig this yearís franchise auction and previous player auction saying every he did was done by the book.

"What I did is absolutely by the book, what IŅand the rules that we made, and we went out and delivered what we had to do," said Modi.

"Currently whatever is on is like a witch hunt and you know I'd rather not comment on it, this is something that you've got to ask the government why they're doing it," added.

Modi, who hasnít returned to India since he was suspended by the BCCI in April said fellow board member were fully aware that his relatives were involved with the Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab.

"When somebody turns around and says that they didn't know about it it's absolutely a false story; I mean everybody concerned from the governing council to the BCCI members, were very much present in the room, and in fact everybody was just happy at that point in time because we got eight bids," said Modi.

"In fact you had my Vice Chairman Niranjan Shah who was questioned immediately after the auction and said 'Mr Modi's relatives have bid', he said 'so what, there are no other bidders out there, and if he has bid he has put his own money in', if it wasn't friends and family that are coming to bid and come into and believe in the product they wouldn't have had the IPL in the first place," he added.

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