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Gayle disappointed by IPL auction snub

Chris Gayle has admitted he’s disappointed after being snubbed in the Indian Premier League player auction which was held in Bangalore over the weekend.

Gayle, who was the first person to score a Twenty20 international century missed out on another IPL contract after he was snubbed by all 10 IPL franchises despite playing for the Kolkata Knight Riders during the previous two seasons.

With the disappointment fresh in his mind Gayle took his frustrations out on Speedblitz Blues bowler Scott Coyte who watched on as the West Indian smashed him for 32 runs during one over in yesterday’s KFC t20 Big Bash game at Stadium Australia.

"I'm sure all those IPL franchises, everyone knows what I'm capable of. I didn't have anything to prove. It's unfortunate that things didn't come off well in the IPL and I'm disappointed," said Gayle after his stunning blitz against the Blues.

"I've got a job here to do so I'm trying to fulfill that as well. It's sad the way things (went) down but there's nothing I can do about it," he added.

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