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Kochi invites fans to rename IPL franchise

After bizarrely deciding to call their IPL franchise the Indi Commando, Team Kochi appear to have had a rethink by inviting fans to vote on a new franchise name.

Team Kochi caused controversy by announcing the unusual name last month much to the horror of cricketing fans in Kochi and to the amusement of pretty much everyone else.

With the controversy showing no signs of dying down the team have announced a competition for fans to pick a new team name in an apparent attempt to appease disgruntled fans.

The owners have given fans six nicknames to choose from including the Commandos and 5 new ones which include the Titans, Tigers, Tuskers, Heroes and United.

Team Kochi has also given fans two further options allowing them to choose from Kochi and Kerela as the teamís base name in an attempt to end speculation of the team moving to Ahmedabad.

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