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Tuskers franchise terminated by the BCCI

The BCCI have terminated the Kochi Tuskers Kerala franchise after the owners of the team breached league rules by defaulting on its RS 156 core annual payment.

The decision was made during the BCCI’s Annual General Meeting but the ruling was immediately refuted by Tuskers chairman Mukesh Patel.

"The BCCI notice was wrong, (it was) prima facie. We will take legal action against them after our legal team reviews the case in a day or two. Maybe we have to move court," said Patel to the PTI.

"We have never defaulted. The BCCI will be paying us Rs 12—15 crore next month as a part of our central revenue," he added.

Despite reducing the number of games in the recent tournament from 94 to 74, all ten franchises were still expected to pay the full fee.

With court action expected the team will hit the headlines once again as they clash with the BCCI in the continuation of a long running battle which started last spring when they joined the league.

The then unknown Rendezvous Sports World successfully bid £333 million for the Kochi franchise but immediately entered into a row with former commissioner Lalit Modi who disclosed confidential information about the owners.

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