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Twenty20 Cup Finals Day

Ryan Sidebottom and Charlie Shrek devastated the Surrey Brown Caps top order with a stunning opening spell to set up a clash with Leicestershire in the Final of the Twenty20 Cup at Trent Bridge.

17:50 WICKET It's all over, Smith takes his 4th catch of the game to set up an East Midland derby in the final of the Twenty20 Cup.

17:49 With six balls left Surrey only need another 44 runs!

17:47 WICKET Kumble goes for 8 bowled by Paul Franks.

17:43 Another dropped catch but the Outlaws are alrwady in the final.

17:36 Anil Kumble survives the hat trick ball and plays it away for a single.

17:35 WICKET Ian Salisbury goes first ball to leave Clough on a hat trick.

17:34 WICKET Its all over, but you knew that, Tim Murtagh goes for 7 thanks to another catch by Smith this time off the bolwing of Gareth Clough.

17:26 With 7 overs to go its all over, Surrey still need another 95 to win and it looks as though the Outlaws will face the Foxes in the final, once the Sugarbabes have finished signing its scheduled to rain though at 19:00.

17:19 Batty hits a boundary, thats nice.

17:14 WICKET Will Smith produces the catch of the season to dismiss Azhar Mahmood for 21 of the bowling of Swann, you won’t see a better catch this year, with the ball going away for 6 Smith somehow dives backwards, turning in the air to pluck the ball down with both hands before rolling backwards onto the ground, stunning, play of the day.

17:08 The 50 comes up for Surrey, the Outlaws don’t look bothered, the Foxes should though, Sidebottom and Shrek looked awesome, what a minute its their wicket!

17:06 WICKET Its another shocking run out off Swann’s first ball, Ramps goes for 19, in comes Batty with a mountain to climb (44-5).

17:06 Graeme Swann enters the game, hello.

17:05 Shrek drops the biggest sitter in the world, to be fair Ramps hit it so far in the air it came down with ice on it.

17:04 Ramps tries it again and somehow is dropped in a Outlaw sandwich on the boundary, the ball trickles away for four!

17:02 Ramps hits a huge six off Shrek just to prove that Surrey are still on the pitch.

17:01 Sidebottom completes his 4 overs going for just 7 runs, this Trent Bridge wickets really, really suits him, just ask the Steelbacks.

16:58 Sidebottom is on fire, Surrey is disarray, brilliant fielding off his own bowling almost caused another run out.

16:54 It’s a four, well done Surrey, that takes the score onto 22-4!!!

16:53 Brilliant stop by Sidebottom, it was a four until he stopped it

16:50 16-4, yeap, 16-4, there’s more chance of no rain tonight then there is of Surrey getting to the Final.

16:47 WICKET Shrek strikes to claim his third wicket, Clarke goes for 5 and so does the Brown Caps hopes, surely?

16:46 A fantastic dive by Sidebottom stops a certain four, it doesn’t stop a certain two though!

16:42 The self styled Kings of Twenty20 cricket, well in Surrey maybe, are in all sorts of trouble but mainly the trouble of being unable to score any runs.

16:40 WICKET Butcher’s gone, run out by a direct hit thanks to some excellent fielding by Will Smith, no, not the actor.

13:39 What an over by Shreck, Surrey are in deep trouble but with Ramprakash and Butcher at the crease all is not lost, yet.

16:35 WICKET Shrek 2, not the film, another wicket, James Benning goes for 0, the Bown Caps, playing in blue are in big trouble.

16:34 WICKET Brown the dangerman goes, Charlie Shrek gets wicket thanks to a catch by Will Smith, no, the other Will Smith down at mid wicket.

16:33 It’s a boundary, its Ali Brown through third man.

16:31 A brilliant over by Sidebottom, just two runs are squeezed out by Surrey.

16:30 Another LBW is missed, Sidebottom screams at the top of his voice but the umpire is having none of hit, Hawkeye says out though.

16:29 Ryan Sidebottom opens the bowling for the Outlaws, in the Quarter Finals against the Steelbacks he was practically unplayable.

16:28 More flags etc, here comes Surrey, James Benning and Ali Brown walk to the middle, can they get the ball rolling for the Brown Caps and lead them to their third Twenty20 Final?

16:15 Its six heaven, Mark Ealham hits 17 off the final over to give the Outlaws a decent 176.

16:08 Murtagh serves up the perfect ball and gets Read caught by Butcher, big wicket, in comes Franks.

16:07 Murtagh serves up the perfect ball and watches as Read hits it for six.

16:04 Two overs, the Outlaws probably need another 25 runs to set a competitive total.

16:01 WICKET Kumble strikes to remove the danger man Hussey for 42 off just 30 balls.

15:57 Big Six, again, watch your head, again, Hussey hits a huge six, again!

15:54 Big Sixes, watch your head, Hussey hits huge consecutive sixes of Kumble.

15:50 WICKET Patel goes for 16, he misses the ball and is stumped by Batty bowled Doshi, loud cheer, here comes England wicket keeper Chris Reed.

15:48 The Outlaws 100 comes up, the spinners are making it hard for the Outlaws and then Hussey hits Salisbury for a huge six over long off.

15:45 Samit Patel hits Doshi for four back over the bowlers head.

15:42 Hussey brightens up the day for the Outlaw fans with a four through cover.

15:40 With ten overs gone Surrey will be the more happier of the two teams, the Outlaws have started to get bogged down thanks to the Surrey spinners, there’s shadows on the pitch, the suns here!

15:39 WICKET Swann is run out for 32 by Mahmood after Hussey took a suicidal single.

15:37 Nayan Doshi comes into the attack to replace Kumble, the spinners of Surrey have changed the face of the game, the Outlaws are now starching around for runs, with Salisbury still to bowl this could be a low scoring game.

15:33 After such a fast start Kumble and Clarke have started to slow things down, good news though, the clouds are going!

15:29 WICKET Kumble strikes, clean bowling Fleming for 31, next in is David Hussey, the fireworks could go off now, Hussey smashed the Outlaws into the Finals day taking apart the Steelbacks at Trent Bridge a few weeks ago.

15:26 Fleming and Swann are playing some good cricket, by combining singles and boundaries the score is ticking in alone

15:24 The Outlaws bring up 50 of just 37 balls, no sun, no rain.

15:22 This Kumble lads good, he stops the run fest with only 5 coming off the over, next up Rikki Clarke.

15:20 After the Foxes success in the first game the Brown Caps need a world class spinner, here comes Anil Kumble, that will do, and there’s a dot ball.

15:18 Bowl, hit, four, no sun, arh arh, a pattern is emerging here.

15:16 Fleming finds the boundary at deep square leg, the Outlaws don’t look in trouble yet after 5 overs.

15:12 Swann finds the boundary to the delight of Trent Bridge, the Outlaws seem to have a game plan, hit everything and hit it far, and there’s another 4.

15:09 Its Swann’s turn to hit out dispatching Doshi through mid wicket for 4, so far the Outlaws are on top, still no sun but more importantly no rain yet.

15:06 The Outlaws come out of the gate firing on all cylinders in front of their home fans as Fleming hits another four through Extra Cover.

15:03 Tim Murtagh starts the second over and its Fleming who finds the first boundary through Extra Cover.

15:02 Mahmood completes the first over conceding just 3 runs.

15:00 It’s a run, Swann gets off the mark.

14:59 And another one!

14:58 The first ball of the second semi finals is a dot ball, and so’s the next one!

14:56 Here we go again, the Brown Caps enter the pitch, wearing blue and then it’s the turn of Swann and Fleming to enter the fray, still no sun.

14:50 Surrey Bown Caps line up – James Benning, Ali Brown, Mark Ramprakash, Mark Buther, Rikki Clarke, Azhar Mahmood, Jon Batty, Tim Murtagh, Ian Salisbury, Anil Kumble, Nayan Doshi.

14:49 Nottinghamshire Outlaws line up - Graeme Swann, Stephen Fleming, Samit Patel, David Hussey, Chris Read, Mark Ealham, Will Smith, Paul Franks, Gareth Clough, Ryan Sidebottom, Charlie Shrek.

14:46 Stephen Fleming wins the toss and elects to bats.

14:20 Its all over, the Foxes win by 24 runs, its good bye Eagles and wait a minute here comes the sun.

14:16 WICKET Napier goes and with 6 balls to go its party time for the Eagles.

14:13 With 2 overs to go the Eagles need a miracle, theres more chance of the sun coming out.

14:11 WICKET Foster goes and so does the Eagles chance of a victory, its all over the fat lady is starting to sing and so are the Leicestershire fans.

14:10 Snape completes his 4 overs taking figures of 4 for 22.

14:07 WICKET Its all over bare the shouting, Allenby takes yet another catch this time on the boundary to dismiss Middlebrook for 1.

14:05 The Eagles look shell shocked, it will take a huge innings by Middlebrook or Foster to win the game now.

14:01 WICKET Captain fantastic does it again, this time its Darren Maddy who takes the catch to dismiss Doeschate, the Foxes fans are starting to party, they could be here all day, unlike the sun.

13:59 WICKET Snape strikes again as Ravi Bopara goes for 5 after Allenby takes another catch at mid wicket.

13:58 Still cloudy, still no sun and as far as the Eagles are concered the runs are drying up as well, they need another 66 to win from just 33 balls.

13:53 Shocking fielding gives the Eagles a simple four instead of two, the ever improving Monty would even shake his head at that, shocking.

13:51 WICKET Gough goes trying to hit Henderson into Mansfield, he unfortunately finds Allenby a lot closer at Silly Point who takes that catch.

13:50 The Eagles are starting to come under pressure, the run rate is increasing.

13:47 WICKET Pettini goes for 57 after hitting his own wicket, no shades of Inzaman here, no stupid back flips here, nor any sun!

13:45 Snape brings himself into the attack with a dot ball.

13:43 Pettini brings up 50 with a four through extra cover, next ball he does it again this time through leg gully.

13:42 Gough almost goes trying to slog the ball into the Trent, he misses by a mile and the ball somehow misses the stumps.

13:38 Another tight single through cover, Gough and Pettini are keeping the runs flowing.

13:37 Maddy comes into the attack replacing Broad and Pettini squeezes two through cover.

13:35 Gough finds the boundary through square leg.

13:33 Its murder on the dance floor, oh come on that’s a good on, Gough hits a single!

13:32 WICKET Darren Maddy gets a big wicket running out Cook for 9, he comes Goughie the king of the dance floor (48-2).

13:28 The boundaries are starting to flow this time Pettini Chinese cuts Broad for 4, next ball he his dropped at deep square leg, Pettini hits back, with a four!

13:26 Cook finally finds the boundary and then next ball attempting to hit another through short mid wicket he is almost caught.

13:24 Free Hit but Griffith maintains the pressure as Cook is unable to benefit, still no sun nor any sign of a Sugarbabe.

13:21 It’s another good over by Broad, after 5 overs the scores are neck and neck, if the Foxes can strike again the Eagles could be in a lot of trouble, Irani going to 0 could be the decided factor in a tight game.

13:19 Broad comes in for his 3rd over, the suns still missing, but the Foxes are smiling, their 173 is starting to look very good.

13:17 Alistair Cook services another LBW decision, wrong again but this time Hawkeye only just gives Cook out.

13:14 Broad completes a magical over leaving the Eagles 16-1.

13:12 WICKET Broad wins the battle as he gets Irani caught behind for 0 off 7 balls, don’t be surprised to see Broad in India at this rate, outstanding blowing by the youngster.

13:11 The battle lines have be drawn between Broad and Irani, we could be in for a battle between these two outstanding players, the winner should play in the final.

13:08 Griffith’s first over goes for 13 runs, the Eagles we feel they have got to a great start, especially after escaping a plum LBW decision.

13:06 Griffith bowls the second over and Pettini hits consecutive fours to get the Eagles run chase going, no sun though!

13:03 Irani escapes a huge LBW shout, umpire Sharp says not out, Hawkeye says out, a big moment in the first over.

13:02 Pettini flashes one through the slips for a single, Snape almost took a catch.

13:00 England hopeful Stuart Broad opens the bowling, dot ball!

12:58 Guard of honour, flags, cheers, Foxes, Eagles, no pigeons, no sun, Pettini and Irani, group hugs, Queen, let play commence!

12:45 WICKET Bichel takes a wicket with the last ball of the innings trapping Snape LBW to leave the Eagles a target of 174 to chase.

12:40 Nixon brings up his 50 hiting a huge six into the William Clark stand at deep square leg, and the sun comes out!

12:39 Snape comes into bat hiting consecutive fours.

12:35 WICKET Huge run out for the Foxes as Ackerman goes for 64 being run out by Middlebrook as Nixon looks to take a debatable single at sily mid on.

12:34 Ackerman is go, he finds the bounday agian this time for four runs, if the Foxes have a decent score defend it will be down to him.

12:32 No sun but a big six from Ackerman!

12:31 Gough comes back in with a steady over, conceding on 5 runs, with only 3overs to go the Foxes need to start attacking the Eagles bowlers.

12:29 Ackerman hits the first 50 of Finals day taking 43 balls to reach his milestone, Essex look t strike back bringing Gough back into the attack to halt the Foxes.

12:29 Ackerman and Nixon complete their 50 run partnership of just 31 balls with the score now starting to speed up, no sign of the sun though!

12:24 The Foxes start to attack the bowlers taking 16 runs James Middlebrook’s second over,.

12:20 Paul Nixon brings up Leicestershire’s 100 with two runs into cover, with 14 overs gone the Foxes will need to improve on their run rate to set Essex any sort of decent score.

12:18 Bichel almost makes a stunning catch at Leg Gully to dismiss Ackerman but he fails to get a hand to it despite making a tremendous mid air dive to make contact with the ball.

12:14 Phillips finishes his second over and it looks as if Leicestershire have decided to attack him taking 12 of that over, so far Essex’s fast bowlers have bossed the game.

12:11 Napier completes his four overs with excellent figures of 2 for 24 to put Essex on top.

12:08 WICKET Napier strikes again as Phillips takes an excellent catch at mid off to dismiss Allenby (70-2).

12:07 James Allenby dispatches Phillips fifth ball of the over for the first six of the day over mid wicket, that’s woke the crowd up.

12:04 With 9 overs gone the ground is almost full, the sun as gone yet again, the clouds back and Essex have brought on spinner Tm Phillips to slow Leicestershire right down, so far Essex have the edge over the Finals Day veterans.

12:02 Ackerman hits a lovely drive through mid on for four as the Foxes slowly start to build up a score, at this stage in the game 165 should be their target.

11:57 WICKET Darren Maddy is caught at mid on by Irani for 21 off the bowling of Graham Napier (43-1)

11:55 Ronnie Irani makes a brillant save at long off to to stop a four, Ronie slowly picks himself back up.

11:51 Darren Maddy is slowly warming up as he hits a four through cover.

11:48 Hylton Ackerman hits only the second boundary of the morning and follows that up with another one, and pop, here comes the sun!

11:44 With Four overs gone at Trent Bridge the atmosphere is very flat, the suns gone, the clouds come back and the bowlers are well on top early on, can Darren Maddy start the fireworks?

11:43 Bichel as another LBW decision turned down, it was just going to miss off stump.

11:42 Another faultless over from Gough with only 4 runs coming from the third over, it’s a very quite start at Trent Bridge.

11:36 With just two overs gone the bowlers are on top conceding just 10 runs as Gough steams in at the start of his second over, dot ball!

11:35 The first boundary of Finals Day comes of the bowling of Andy Bichel, as Darren Maddy glances the ball past Paul Nixon behind the stumps.

11:35 Gough bowls the perfect opening over, only conceding 2 runs.

11:34 Gough has an LBW decision turned down by Umpire George Sharp.

11:33 Darren Gough looks like he means business today, a good performance today and he could be going to India for the ICC Champions Trophy.

11:31 The sun makes an appearance as Gough’s next ball is a dot ball.

11:30 The first ball is delivered, a wide!

11:29 A gaurd on honour greats the players as they run onto the pitch, the 2006 Twenty20 Cup Finals Day is about to begin with Darren Gough opening the bowling for Essex.

11:09 Essex Eagles line up – Mark Pettini, Ronnie Irani, Darren Cough, Alastair Cook, Ravi Bopara, Ryan ten Doeschate, James Foster, James Middlebrook, Graham Napier, Andy Bichel, Tim Phillips.

11:07 Leicestershire Foxes line up – Darren Maddy, Hylton Ackerman, Mansoor Amjad, Paul Nixon, Jeremy Snape, John Sadler, James Allenby, Claude Henderson, David Masters, Stuart Broad, Adam Griffith.

11:05 Jeremy Snape wins the toss for the Foxes and elects to bat first.

10:30 The sun is trying to break through the heavy cloud cover but with rain expected later in the day at least the first semi final will start on time.

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